Managing Brands on
Amazon with Real-time
Actionable Intelligence

SIP Analytics Suite

SIP delivers mission critical item level analytics with proprietary performance metrics and translates them into result-oriented actions.

Unlike other analytics platforms that report data but do not tell you what to do with it, SIP facilitates data driven decision making at item level and delivers immediate results.

Real-time reporting is provided separately for Organic, Paid, External, and Total Traffic.

Total Performance

Real-time reporting of TACOS, ACOS, and ROAS at SKU level.

Sales Analytics

Identify revenue drivers and optimize promotional efforts.

Traffic Analytics

Know where traffic is coming from, optimize content, and increase ROI.

Unit Session Percentage (USP) Analytics

Improve promotional initiatives and boost sales.

Event tagging

Tag events at the SKU level and tap into the real-time cause-and-effect analysis.

True Conversion Analytics

Access true conversion rates for organic, advertised, and external traffic

Average Order Value (AOV) Analytics

Measure pricing success to lift top-line sales.

Average Item Value (AIV) Analytics

Identify areas for incentivizing increased purchases.

Buy Box Retention Analytics

Identify true market size and accurately plan replenishment.

Relational Analytics

Connect the dots between traffic, conversion, AOV and many others.

Dedicated Account Executive

Personalized onboarding with 24/7 access to your own SIP Specialist via email or chat.

Automated Data Update

Daily updates directly from Sellercentral account with additional interim update capability.

Historical Data

Three (3) months of listing performance data with option to extend to two (2) years upon SIP account creation.

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SIP Is Available In Two Versions

Seller Intelligence Platform


Designed for managing a single seller account with unlimited users.

Seller Intelligence Platform


Designed for managing multiple seller accounts with portal customization capabilities.

Platform Features



30-Day Free Trial

No CC Required

Full Access

Cancel Anytime

Full SIP Analytics Suite

Access the entire SIP Analytics Suite, new additions are made on regular basis.

Dedicated Account Executive

24/7 access to your own SIP Specialist via email or Slack.

Personalized onboarding and ongoing support

Our SIP onboarding service includes designing a winning strategy for your seller
account with ongoing support.

Real-time data collection from Seller central and Advertising API

Your SIP Account will be integrated with your Sellercentral account for real-time
data updates using secure Amazon authentication protocols.

Customizable monthly and daily data visualization

Purchase custom reports with data visualization and alert capability based on your
requirements from our development team.

Gathering up to 2 years of historical data collection

Three (3) months of performance data for all your listings from SIP account creation,
up to two (2) years of historical data can be retrieved (optional).

Reporting at the SKU level instead of ASIN

: SIP Analytics translates ASINs into your own SKUs by using the SIP Data Integrity

Unique KPIs with daily reporting

SIP-specific KPIs help identify unique areas to stay on top of listing and operational

Comprehensive data integrity module to clean up listings.

SIP separates performance data for deleted and duplicate listings from active
inventory items.

Unlimited number of users with access level controls

Additional seats can be purchased or removed at any time with capability to assign
varying levels of access per user.

Real-time alerts with suggested actions.

Alert capability for operational and financial performance of your listings with
recommended actions.

Event tracking at the SKU level with cause-and-effect analysis

Tag events at the SKU level and tap into the real-time cause-and-effect analysis.

White Labelling with complete personalization under your branding

Offer SIP access to team members and clients under your own brand with complete

Branded Partner, Seller Login, and Seller Registration for your clients.

Personalize your SIP login and seller registration for your clients with your own
branding requirements.

Your own domain name and portal customization capabilities

 Use a custom domain name for SIP access with capabilities to customize the portal
pages with your own branding requirements.

Client Team assignment at the Team member level

Manage resource allocation per client, grant or remove access to each client at team
member level.

Consolidated performance across multiple seller accounts

Access to overall performance of your organization across multiple seller accounts
for key data points.