Proud to Have Decades of
E-commerce and Amazon
Experience with Proven Results.

Proud to Have Decades of E-commerce and Amazon Experience with Proven Results.

SIP Corporation is a data analytics company with operational expertise in selling on Amazon. We work with Brands, Agencies and Aggregators, who are inundated with data and analytics, lack certainty in taking results-oriented actions and fear wasting money, time, and opportunities.

Leverage our decades of Amazon and data science experience into simple, actionable insights.

Our experience has taught us that an online business has many moving parts, all of which translate into data. Our knowledge of Amazon Marketplace, systems, processes, and key business drivers will help you build a business with resilience and continually scale.

Seller Intelligence Platform (SIP) Corporation is headquartered in New York with a diverse team of business, development, and data science experts to serve Amazon Sellers.

Meet Our Founder

Nick Uresin is an Entrepreneur, Computer Science Engineer, and a Data Architect, who has a passion for problem-solving with technology. He is the Founder of ArgoMetrix and the host of the Amazon Legends Podcast. He has spent the past 20 years in technology as an ecommerce provider and online retailer following several years of managing conventional wholesale and retail companies. He has expertise in technology and big data solutions.

Nick co-founded Online Fragrance Retailer and built it to $10 million in sales, where he has developed the vision to organize the data and provide it in the ArgoMetrix Seller Intelligence Platform (SIP). He also works with a select number of sellers on a one-on-one basis to grow their Amazon operations. Previously, Nick founded Amazia, a top-ranking ecommerce provider for small to mid-size retailers and List 2000, one of the Internet’s first multilingual directories prepared in seven languages.